Facility In-charge Position in inStem, Bangalore, India

Designation/Position- Facility In-charge – X-ray Crystallography Facility

Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), Bangalore invites application for Facility In-charge position from eligible and interested candidates 

About- Research at inStem addresses the genetic mechanisms of potency, differentiation and proliferation in human pluripotent cells, examines clinical manifestations of diseases that can potentially be treated by stem cells, models human diseases using stem cells, uses model organisms such as Planaria and Hydra to address fundamental questions in regenerative biology, develops platforms to interrogate signaling pathways with new chemical entities, and finally, develops tools that will help to better understand the biology driving stem cells and eventually treat disease states.At inStem, research is primarily carried out by groups who work on tightly-knit themes, crossing boundaries and developing new approaches to address questions larger than the expertise of individual researchers.

Research/Job Area- Engineering, physics, materials sciences or a related subject

Location- Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), Bangalore


Education / qualifications / training required:

Essential: Either an MSc, M. E. or Ph.D. in engineering, physics, materials sciences or a related subject or an equivalent level of experience or training in a relevant area.

Previous work experience required:


  • Experience in X-ray data collection using both laboratory and synchrotron sources.
  • Experience in dealing with technical problems with in-house X-ray generators, X-ray optics, and detectors.


  • Experience of providing research support in a laboratory environment.
  • Programming experience. Experience of using crystallographic software packages such as CCP4 or Phenix.

Knowledge and experience:

Creativity and initiative

Essential: Experience working independently in a creative and insightful way to trouble-shoot complex problems.

Independent working


  • Ability to work independently in maintaining the facility, while making use of other facilities (mechanical and electronic workshops, IT workshop) when appropriate.
  • Excellent time management, with an ability to be self-motivated and to organize time effectively.

Verbal and written communication skills


  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels of technical complexity with novice and advanced users, as well as experts including service engineers.
  • Ability to provide clear documentation of protocols and written reports.

Job/Position Description- 

Overall purpose:

  • To play a major role in supporting the work of the research of groups in the NCBS/InStem campus by maintaining the Protein X-ray Crystallography facility.
  • To optimize the effectiveness of both in-house and synchrotron X-ray data collection.
  • To provide training to new X-ray users, troubleshooting problems in data collection and to maintain the in-house data collection facilities and software setup.
  • To oversee safety procedures in the X-ray laboratory.
  • To keep abreast of new developments in protein crystallographic technologies and methods and assess and advise on any future upgrades of the in-house X-ray facility.

Main duties and key responsibilities:

  • The key responsibility of the manager is to support cutting-edge research. You will be expected to provide the energy and independent thinking necessary to deliver an optimally functioning X-ray facility.
  • To provide expert help and advice to all researchers in the institute solving structures by X-ray crystallography, requiring or requesting such support. To interact effectively with a wide range of staff, students and others to ensure the smooth running of the X-ray facility. This will include setting an example in the effective use of resources, training Students, Postdocs and others in best practice when using both the in-house facility and in collecting data at synchrotrons and taking responsibility for the use of communal facilities.
  • To be responsible for all aspects of supporting X-ray crystallographic data collection, including defining the goals of the facility, conducting trouble-shooting when necessary, carrying out routine maintenance of the facility and evaluating possible equipment upgrades. To arrange and facilitate engineers visits when required.
  • To play a major role in the organization of the use of synchrotron beamtime, ensuring all necessary administrative procedures are followed, including sample registration and dewar shipping.
  • To take on specific responsibilities for managing equipment.
  • To update local software installations relating to X-ray crystallography and related areas.
  • To create and maintain documentation relating to use of the facility and synchrotron data collection.
  • To maintain documents relevant to X-ray safety (Local Rules etc).

How to Apply- Applications may be sent to [email protected] on or before 20th October 2018.

Last Date for Apply– 20 October 2018

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