Faculty Positions in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India

Designation/Position- Faculty positions

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India invites application for Faculty positions from eligible and interested candidates 

About- Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. In 1956, the German Government offered technical assistance for establishing an institute of higher education in engineering in India. The first Indo-German agreement in Bonn, West Germany for the establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology at Madras was signed in 1959.

The Institute has sixteen academic departments and a few advanced research centres in various disciplines of engineering and pure sciences, with nearly 100 laboratories organised in a unique pattern of functioning. A faculty of international repute, a brilliant student community, excellent technical & supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to the pre-eminent status of IIT Madras. The campus is located in the city of Chennai, previously known as Madras. Chennai is the state capital of Tamilnadu, a southern state in India.

Research/Job Area- 

Location- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India


Ph.D., with first class or equivalent at the preceding degree in the appropriate branch with
consistently good academic record throughout.

Eligibility & Experience will be reckoned as on December 1, 2018.

1.1. Candidates with Ph.D but with less than three years of experience may be put on tenure track for the post of Assistant Professor (Grade II).
1.2. Candidates with at least 3 years industrial/ research / teaching experience excluding
however, the experience gained while pursuing Ph.D may be considered for the post of
Assistant Professor (Grade I).
Candidates preferably should be below 35 years of age.

Candidates with at least 10 years industrial / research / teaching experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of Associate Professor in IITs, IISc Bangalore, IIMs, NITIE Mumbai and IISERs or at an equivalent level in any such other Indian or foreign institution / institutions of comparable standards

Job/Position Description- IIT Madras invites applications from individuals with an established record of independent, high quality
research and commitment to teaching and research for faculty positions at the levels of:


1. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Grade-II: 7th CPC Pay Level 10, Minimum Pay: ₹ 70900/-
Candidates not eligible for direct recruitment may be put on tenure track for the regular post of Assistant Professor. At the entry level, minimum starting pay to be fixed in Academic Pay Level-10 at Cell No.8 ₹ 70,900/-. On completion of one year service, the incumbent shall move to Academic Pay Level-11 and after three years to Academic Pay Level-12 after an internal performance assessment.

2. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Grade-I: 7th CPC Pay Level 12, Minimum Pay: ₹ 101500/-
For direct recruits minimum starting pay to be fixed in Academic Pay Level-12 at Cell No.1
₹1,01,500/-. On completion of 3 years service as Assistant Professor Grade-I, the incumbent shall move to Academic Pay Level-13A1 (₹ 1,31,400 – 2,04,700).

3. PROFESSOR: 7th CPC Pay Level 14A, Minimum Pay: ₹ 159100/-

How to Apply- 

1. Applications are to be submitted online through link for this advertisement at facapp.iitm.ac.in; fillable forms and instructions can be found at the site. A signed copy of the data sheet (only) has to be sent by e-mail/post to:
Dean (Administration)
IIT Madras
Chennai 600 036.
([email protected])
2. The completed application materials should be uploaded on or before November 16, 2018 /05.00 PM.

1. Instructions for completing the application are available on the application website. The application form / data sheet is a summary sheet mainly for data collection for statutory and statistical purposes and all sections as specified in D.2 of this document should be detailed in the Academic Profile as given below and uploaded as a PDF.

Other uploads are also to be uploaded in the uploads section as specified in Section 6.
A single application form is sufficient for applying to multiple departments. Relevant departments and positions can be selected in Section 7 of the application after the required information in the earlier sections are entered.

2. Upload a detailed Academic Profile which includes the following information:

2.1. Academic Qualification and Experience.
2.2. A Teaching Plan, indicating core courses from the IITM core courses master list (available at the iitm website) that you can teach as also an expanded statement of your objectives and long term interests in coursework development. For those with prior teaching experience, the statement should contain student feedback ratings, profiles of “3 best courses” taught by the candidate in the last five years (profile should contain course outline / teaching plan, novel methods used, if any, including online content, term papers, group activity etc.). The statement should also include details of any teaching related awards and details of participation in teacher development programs as participant or as mentor.

2.3. A Research Plan highlighting your current and past research interests and achievements. Also include your future plans in the short and long terms. If required highlighted the achievements of research scholars guided, especially where one can take pride in the work done or the role played in guidance.
Candidates are required to upload reprints of three best papers published (for Professor
applicants these papers should have preferably been published in the current position) along with (a) why the work is important (context), (b) a short description of their
technical contribution to each of these papers and (c) if joint work with non-students, what is the candidates specific contribution. The papers are to be uploaded in the upload section of the on-line application.

2.4. Details of publications / conference papers presented, listing chronologically:
Names of authors, title of the paper, name of the journal/conference, volume/ proceedings,
pages (from – to), year, etc. Group the above as Journal Publications and papers presented
at National / International Conferences. For each paper, include citation count and Journal
Impact factors as available.

2.5. Awards, Patents, Prizes etc. indicating:


2.5.1. Nature, name of prize/award, awarded by, awarded for, year of award.

2.5.2. Name of the patent, year and details about the patent, etc. as well as the candidate’s specific contribution viz a viz the co-inventors.

2.6. Research guidance (Ph.D./M.S./M.Tech., only those with formal guide status) listing:
Research degree, name of the scholar, title of thesis, year of award etc. If candidate is not
the sole supervisor (Guide), all co-guides to be listed. Degrees in progress may be indicated separately.

2.7. Role in and details of externally funded projects carried out, listing:
Title of the project, duration, sponsor, value, co-investigators, if any, role of the candidate
and specific contributions, etc. Candidates should highlight specific contributions, if any, to
industry, pointing out the challenges overcome, the value of the work to the industry etc.

2.8. Other Activities like:

2.8.1. Text books and Monographs written with details,
2.8.2. Continuing education programs / conferences organized (as an organizer or
co-organizer) etc.

2.9. Important service roles (institution building and student centric roles) played in the institute in which the candidate has worked, giving details of the roles undertaken, significant accomplishments etc.

2.10. Scan of key degree certificates and any other relevant but brief information on academic standing.
All of the above item (D.2.1. to D.2.10.) should be included in the academic profile
for completion of the application. If any item is not relevant “NR” may be indicated against
it. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for further assessment.

3. Candidates are requested to contact the referees to send letters of reference directly to the Heads of the concerned departments, I.I.T. Madras, Chennai 600 036 either by post or by email; email addresses are listed at the IIT Madras website.

4. For Professor candidates, referees who are in the peer group of their research areas, outside their own institution, and who can comment on the contributions of the candidate to the field are required.

This peer group referee may also comment on the multi-disciplinarily of the work (if applicable), whether the candidate is extending doctoral work or branching out into new areas and whether candidate is taking up tough research problems. Referees who can comment on significant contribution to industry are also welcome. At least three Peer references are expected to be sent to the HoD of the concerned department

Last Date for Apply– 16 November 2018

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