Meme Competition

COVID-19 Pandemic effect every human life on Earth. Social distancing is best solution for this time. But our productivity and creativity should not go down. We should show our creativity and get active to motivate others or keep our view on critical research issues.

Dear Creative Brains, influence/motivate others with your idea and this powerful way meme. We believe meme can help towards catharsis, engaging and motivate others during stay at home time. Express your feelings, emotions, ideas and issues in meme.

Theme of meme competition

No restriction – all research related idea ….

  • Research Motivation
  • Researcher during stay at home
  • Research Issue
  • Research related any topic….

How to participate

meme challange post meme challange
  • Mention #memechallenge
  • Post it


  • You can only submit at the maximum 5 meme entries.
  • Avoid memes that can be offensive and hurting sentiments of people.
  • Ensure that the memes are your genuine creation
  • Political, Religious, Caste, Sex, Profession based memes are discouraged
  • Our prize is for only Indian entries

Prize – Just a token of thanks from our side, 5 best entries will get 100 Rs Amazon gift voucher (Please send your entries)

Last Date Of Submission- 11 April 2020 (Saturday)

Submit your entries now to show your creativity and motivate others.

Examples –

How to become productive in research work on this COVID-19 situation Picture1aqw Picture1qaq WhatsApp Image 2020-04-04 at 7.57.30 PM WhatsApp Image 2020-04-04 at 7.57.29 PM WhatsApp Image 2020-04-04 at 7.57.29 PM (1)