Postdoc Position – 2019 in Portugal, Instituto de Telecomunicações

Postdoc Position – 2019 in Portugal, Instituto de Telecomunicações

Designation/Position-  Postdoc Position – 2019 in Portugal

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), Portugal invites application for Postdoc Position – 2019 in Portugalfrom eligible and interested candidates

About- Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) is a private, not-for-profit organization, of public interest, a partnership of nine institutions with research and development in the field of Telecommunications

IT mission is to create and disseminate scientific knowledge in the field of telecommunications.

IT is actively involved in fundamental and applied research both at national and international levels. Simultaneously it is committed to foster higher education and training, by hosting and tutoring graduate and postgraduate students. it also plays its role towards public society with public awareness initiatives, knowledge transfer to industry, and by providing consulting services on a non-competing basis.

Research/Job Area-  Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Physics Engineering or other related scientific area or other related scientific area

Location- Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), Portugal


Any national, foreign and stateless candidate(s) holding a doctorate degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Physics Engineering or other related scientific area or other related scientific area and a suitable scientific and professional curriculum may submit an applications.

In case of doctorate degrees awarded by a foreign higher education institution, the degree must comply with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 341/2007 of 12th of October, and all formalities established therein must be fulfilled by the deadline for application submission.

Scientific and curricular career evaluation is based on relevance, quality and up-to-dateness:

  1. of scientific, technological production in the last five years, deemed most relevant by the candidate;
  2. of research activities, applied or based on practical work, developed in the last five years, deemed most impactful by the candidate;
  3. of knowledge extension and dissemination activities developed in the last five years, namely under the scope of the promotion of culture and scientific practices, deemed most relevant by the candidate;
  4. of the activities of management of science, technology and innovation programmes, in Portugal or abroad.

Job/Position Description-  The research of innovative optical transceivers for optical metro networks is the global objective of the DSPMetroNet project. For this purpose, the appointed researcher will lead all experimental activities of the project. This includes the experimental validation of simplified optical coherent detection schemes and the development and implementation of supporting digital signal processing techniques and algorithms in hardware. These innovative technologies must be able to provide high bandwidth, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, paving the way for a true coherent ultra-dense WDM metro network approach, based in a hybrid solution that comprises both standard coherent transceivers and simplified coherent transceivers.

How to Apply-  Applications are formalised by sending a Motivation Letter, addressed to the Board of Instituto de Telecomunicações, including this announcement identification, full name, parents’ names, ID card, or Citizen Card number and date, or civil identification number, taxpayer ID number, date and place of birth, marital status, occupation, residence and contact address, including email address and telephone

Applications shall include all supported documents encompassed by section 6 and 7 for tender admission, namely:
Certificate or diploma copy*;
Doctorate thesis;
Curriculum vitae, detailed and structured pursuant to sections 9 and 11;

Candidates shall submit their application files and supporting documentation, in a digital form, in the IT portal

Last Date for Apply–  12 March 2019

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