Postdoc Position in EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

Postdoctoral Fellow Position in EMBL, Barcelona, Spain

Postdoc Position in EMBL – European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Designation/Position- Postdoc Position in EMBL

European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL, Germany invites application for Postdoc Position in EMBL from eligible and interested candidates

About- EMBL is Europe’s flagship research laboratory for the life sciences, performing research in molecular biology, physics, chemistry and computer science. Its 1753 employees, Postdoc and PhD fellows work from six sites: Barcelona, Cambridge, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Grenoble and Rome. EMBL’s mission includes offering vital services in training scientists, students and visitors at all levels; developing new instruments and methods in the life sciences; promoting technology transfer, and integrating European life science research.

Research/Job Area- In a relevant field

Project Title – High-resolution structure and function of the multi-layered kidney slit diaphragm

Location-  European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL, Germany

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  • A PhD in a relevant field
  • Proven record of scientific accomplishments
  • Previously demonstrated expertise in high-resolution structural biology and biophysical approaches including sample preparation (molecular biology, protein purification)
  • Scientific ambition
  • International experience
  • Openness and interest for interdisciplinary work in collaboration with medical researchers
  • Excellent communication skills

You might also have

Additional expertise in biochemistry (in vitro and cell-based assays) and cell biology (including imaging) would be advantageous.  

Job/Position Description- 

Project Outline: Ultrafiltration is a key function to maintain body homeostasis and a major target of hereditary kidney diseases. The slit diaphragm presents the most outer kidney filtration barrier and is of paramount interest to understand the mechanism of kidney filtration both in the healthy human body as well as in patients suffering from its deregulation. We aim to determine the molecular architecture of the underlying protein components and their interactions at high resolution. In this project, we will closely interact with an internationally leading team in the field of kidney research from University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Tobias B. Huber) aiming to directly translate the structural biology work to a better understanding of kidney filtration and kidney disease.  

The research group of Matthias Wilmanns has a long-standing record in structural biology on research themes that are of medical relevance. Most of our projects require the combined use of different structural biology methods including X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy, generally followed by functional experiments.  

Location:Hamburg, Germany
Staff Category:Postdoctoral Fellow
Contract Duration:2 years
Closing Date:6 September 2020
Reference Number:HH00183

How to Apply- 

Eligible and interested candidate can apply online.

Last Date for Apply–  6 September 2020

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