Postdoctoral Appointee Position in Sandia National Laboratories, California, USA

Designation/Position- Postdoctoral Appointee

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Sandia National Laboratories, California offers Postdoctoral Appointee Position in Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry for candidate having PhD in Organic, Polymer or Supramolecular Chemistry, or relevant degree.

About- The Photovoltaics & Materials Tech Department, part of Sandia’s Renewable Energy Technologies Group, conducts research and development and applies real world solutions to increase the viability of sustainable and clean energy systems. Research focuses on solar energy photovoltaics (PV), materials chemistry, and device integration for energy generation, energy efficiency, and carbon management.  We apply PV and materials research to the following areas: PV cell technologies including Si, CdTe and CIGS thin films, and emerging technologies (i.e., perovskites), advanced PV module designs (i.e., bifacial, split cells conformable), concentrating solar power, hydrogen production, and batteries for grid and device storage. We work in partnership throughout Sandia and with industry, academia, and other national labs in research for the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office: Solar Energy Technology Office, Office of Electricity, the Department of Defense; and Sandia’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development program.

Sandia National Laboratories is the nation’s premier science and engineering lab for national security and technology innovation, with teams of specialists focused on cutting-edge work in a broad array of areas. Some of the main reasons we love our jobs:

  • Challenging work with amazing impact that contributes to security, peace, and freedom worldwide
  • Extraordinary co-workers
  • Some of the best tools, equipment, and research facilities in the world
  • Career advancement and enrichment opportunities
  • Flexible schedules, generous vacations, strong medical and other benefits, competitive 401k, learning opportunities, relocation assistance and amenities aimed at creating a solid work/life balance

Research/Job area– Organic, Polymer or Supramolecular Chemistry, or relevant area

Project Title- Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry

Location- Sandia National Laboratories, California


Required Qualifications

  • PhD in Organic, Polymer or Supramolecular Chemistry, or relevant degree;
  • Publication record of innovative research in the related fields;
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a DOE Q-level security clearance.

 Desired Qualifications

  • Good oral- and written-communication skills;
  • Team-oriented approach;
  • Experience casting/processing polymers into membranes;
  • Experience in self-assembly and other supramolecular chemistry concepts;
  • Experience in molecular/ion recognition chemistry;
  • Synthetic inorganic (materials) chemistry experience;
  • General electrochemistry knowledge;
  • Experience with electrochemical systems (Batteries, Capacitors, Electrolyzers);
  • Experience incorporating polymers into electrochemical devices;
  • Demonstrated project management skills;
  • Ability to mentor undergraduate students and technologists.

Job/Position Description- The Photovoltaics and Materials Technologies Department, has an immediate postdoctoral research opening primarily in the area of Synthetic Organic Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry at our Albuquerque, New Mexico facility.

 On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Be responsible for the development and synthesis of new ion and/or electronic conducting oligomers and polymers for applications in electrical energy storage, separations and catalysis;
  • Work in the area of small molecule synthesis;
  • In addition to organic synthesis, work on developing and optimizing new materials formulations, components and processing conditions in order to develop integrated polymer systems with increased performance at a lower cost;
  • Interface with Sandia’s multi-disciplinary environment and to span the range from fundamental to applied research: both to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles and aid in the development of technologies transferable to U.S. renewable energy industries where relevant.

How to Apply- Eligible and interested candidate can apply online.

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