Research Faculty Positions in Raman Research Institute, Karnataka, India

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Designation/Position- Research Faculty Positions

Raman Research Institute, Karnataka, India invites Research Faculty Positions from candidates having a Ph.D. degree, three or more years of post-doctoral experience and an established record of independent research.

About- The Raman Research Institute was founded in 1948 by the Indian physicist and Nobel Laureate, Sir C V Raman, to continue his studies and basic research after he retired from the Indian Institute of Science. Sir C V Raman served as its director carrying on his personal research until his demise in 1970. It was funded personally by him and with donations from private sources.

Location- Raman Research Institute, Karnataka

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Research/Job Area-

Areas of current research at the Raman Institute are:

• Cosmology and Galaxy Formation
• Normal and Active Galaxies
• Clusters of Galaxies
• The Galaxy & the Interstellar Medium
• The Intergalactic Medium
• Neutron Stars and Pulsars
• Polarization and Geometric Phases 

• Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystals
• Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces

• Bose Einstein Condensation
• Laser Cooling & Trapping of Atoms
• Ultra-cold Molecules
• Propagation of Light in Random Media
• Quantum Optics and Quantum logic
• Nonlinear Optics of Nanomaterials
• Ultrafast Phenomena
• Intense Laser Field Interactions

• Radio and X-ray Astronomy
• Liquid Crystal Displays 

• Liquid Crystals
• Amphiphilic Systems
• Colloids
• Polymer Physics
• Surface Science
• Experimental Biological Physics 

• Condensed Matter & Statistical Physics
• Classical & Quantum Gravity
• Gravitational Waves
• Physics in Biology
• Differential Geometry in Physics 

Eligibility/Qualification- Applicants must possess a Ph.D. degree, three or more years of post-doctoral experience and an established record of independent research. Mid-career researchers seeking movement are also welcome to apply. While the Institute is basically interested in candidates with a strong background in existing research areas, additional research interests contributing to the breadth would be most welcome.

Regular research staff of the Institute is expected to primarily engage in independent research in basic science and, additionally, participate in activities that promote the academic environment of the Institute.


  • A grasp of the essential physics needed to understand a broad range of Astronomy
  • Demonstrated ability to construct order-of-magnitude (in contrast to dimensional analysis) arguments.
  • Ability to teach some of graduate level courses such as Fundamentals of Astronomy, Research methodology, Research communications, Galaxies & ISM, GR and Cosmology, Radiative Processes, Fluids & Plasmas.
  • To be engaged in working on problems of substance in Astronomy along with demonstrated ability to collaborate with astronomers or theorists who have complementary skills in experimental/observational astronomy or theoretical astrophysics as the case may be.
  • Commitment to engage PhD/VSP students in core research programmes.

Along with one of:

  • Track record of independent research of high quality as evidenced by excellent publication record.
  • Ability and motivation/drive to advance key science goals via experimental astronomy that leverages on the facilities and technical expertise of the Institute and which would be distinctive and competitive.
  • Ability and standing to give the Institute a unique and significant presence in national and international projects, particularly mega-projects of the nation.


  • Proven ability to presciently move across phenomena and into emerging fields.
  • Demonstration of engagement in a diverse and balanced range of research including high-risk high gain problems.
  • Participation record in international meetings in the chosen field of expertise with record of invitations for plenary and review talks.

Job/Position Description- The Raman Research Institute values interactions: collaborations with colleagues, collaborations with researchers in other institutions in India and overseas, and participation in the academic activities of the Institute are encouraged. Opportunities exist for supervision of short-term visiting students as well as Ph.D. students. Opportunities exist for proposing new experiments, the setting up of research laboratories, and participation in the many ongoing experimental activities. The appointments do not entail any teaching responsibilities; however, participation in teaching is encouraged. The salary scale would depend on experience and current status. Assistance with relocation will be provided.

The Raman Research Institute welcomes applications for regular long-term research-staff appointments – Scientists, Associate Professors and Professors. There are no closing dates for the receipt of such applications, which are processed as and when they are received.

How to ApplyTo apply, please send (a) a Curriculum Vitae, (b) List of Publications mentioning your 5 best publications (c) a resume detailing previous research activities, (d) a statement containing future research plans and (e) Three letters of reference from people familiar with your work to be sent directly to [email protected]. The letters of reference should reach us within three weeks from the date of application. It is advised that applicants familiarize themselves with the current research activities at the Institute, including experimental endeavors, while formulating their application.

Institute prefer to receive applications and supporting letters in soft copy. The preferred format is PDF files. To avoid confusion all application files should be attached to a single email message. These may be sent to [email protected]

Last Date for Apply Till position filled

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