Research Career Development Fellowships, Republic of Ireland

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Research Career Development Fellowships, Republic of Ireland

Designation/Position- Research Career Development Fellowships

Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board invites application for Research Career Development Fellowships from eligible and interested candidates

About- This scheme provides support for postdoctoral researchers at academic organizations in the Republic of Ireland who aim to become independent scientists leading their own group. Awards are made in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board.

Research/Job Area- Various research area

Location- Republic of Ireland


  • You can apply for a Research Career Development Fellowship if you’re already driving your own research and you’re ready to lead an independent research program.
  • You must have a Ph.D. and significant postdoctoral research experience.
  • You should have made important contributions to your area of research, eg publications, patents, software development, or an impact on policy.
  • You must have sponsorship from a head of department or equivalent at an eligible host organization in the Republic of Ireland.
  • If you’re proposing to stay in your current department, you should describe in your application how this proposal will further your independent scientific career.
  • If you’ve been away from research (eg for a career break, maternity leave, or long-term sick leave), we’ll allow for this when we consider your application.

What research group is looking for

You should identify an important question that’s within our scientific remit.

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Research group will review:

  • your research contributions
  • the scientific merit of your proposed project
  • the significance of the research
  • the feasibility of your proposal
  • the suitability of your sponsor and host environment for both your research and for the development of your independent career.

At the end of this fellowship, you should:

  • have achieved international standing in your area of research
  • be leading your own research programme
  • have the skills and experience to apply for senior level fellowships or permanent positions at research organisations.

For more information, read our Guidance on Research Career Development Fellowships [DOCX 28KB].

Who can’t apply

You can’t usually apply if:

  • you have held or you currently hold a nationally competitive fellowship at the same career stage as this fellowship
  • you hold an established post, although we’re willing to consider a preliminary application if you have a strong justification for moving to a different organization
  • you are currently applying for another Wellcome fellowship.
  • You can’t apply if you want to combine research with a continuing clinical career in medicine, psychology, dentistry, or veterinary practice. Instead, see our clinical fellowship schemes.
  • You can only submit two full applications to this scheme. If you’ve already been unsuccessful with a full application, please contact us before you apply again.
  • You can’t apply to carry out activities that involve the transfer of grant funds into mainland China.

Job/Position Description- 

Where your host organisation is based: Republic of Ireland

Level of funding: Salary and research expenses covered

Duration of funding: 5 years

What’s expected of your host organisation

You must have a sponsor who is a head of department or equivalent (eg centre director or head of school) in your host organisation.

If your proposed work is mainly based in a low- or middle-income country, you may also need a sponsor in that location.

Your sponsor must guarantee that the host organisation will provide:

  • support to lead your own independent research
  • the space and resources you’ll need from the start date through to the end date of your award
  • the status and benefits of other academic staff of similar seniority.

Your sponsor should not expect you to spend more than eight hours a week on non-research activities (eg teaching or administration).

Your sponsor’s support and mentorship should be part of a longer-term commitment to help you achieve your career aspirations.

How to Apply- 

Log in to online grants system (Grant Tracker). You can save your application and return to it any time.

Stages of application

  1. Submit your preliminary application you must submit your application through Grant Tracker(opens in a new tab). Your host organization does not need to review or submit your preliminary application form. View the Sample preliminary application form for Research Career Development Fellowships [PDF 127KB]Get some tips to help you write a Wellcome grant application.
  2. Review of preliminary applicationsWe’ll assess your eligibility and give advice about your competitiveness and the resources you’ve requested. We will give you a decision within four weeks of the preliminary application deadline. If suitable, we’ll invite you to submit a full application.
  3. Submit your full application to your host organization for approvalComplete the full application form on Grant Tracker. Submit it to the ‘authorized organizational approver’ at your host organization for approval. Make sure you leave enough time for the approver to review and submit your application before the deadline. The approver may ask you to make changes to your application. View the Sample full application form for Research Career Development Fellowships [PDF 292KB]
  4. The host organization reviews your application and submits it to us your application must be submitted by 17:00 (GMT/BST) on the deadline day.
  5. Scientific review and shortlisting one of the following expert review groups will review your application, depending on your area of research:
  6. External peer reviewWe’ll seek written comments from other expert reviewers. Unattributed comments will be sent to you before your interview.
  7. Funding decision to COVID-19, we are not holding interviews at the moment. Candidates will be contacted with further details about the decision-making process.

Last Date for Apply– 3 September 2020

  • Preliminary application deadline- 3 September 2020, 17:00 BST (was 10 September)
  • Invited full application deadline- 19 November 2020, 17:00 GMT
  • Shortlisted candidate interviews– 20–22 April 2021

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