VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship in York University, Canada

VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship in York University, Canada

VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship in York University, Canada

Designation/Position-  VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship

York University, Canada invites application for VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship from eligible and interested candidates

About-  Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) is a collaborative research program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF, 2016-2023) that builds on York’s world-class interdisciplinary research in biological and computer vision. VISTA spans five York faculties (Health, Engineering, Science, Arts Media Performance & Design; Liberal Arts & Professional Studies), five research centers (including the Centre for Vision Research), and over 50 partners in the international research community and non-academic sectors such as healthcare and industry. VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowships will be awarded competitively based on the strength of the candidate, the strength of the research proposal, and fit with the goals of the VISTA program. Distinguished Fellowships will be awarded competitively to the very best candidates, (nationally or internationally), provided they have met the additional standards for excellence expected of the program.

Research/Job Area-  Health, Engineering, Science, Arts Media Performance & Design; Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Location- York University, Canada


To be eligible to apply:

  • Your application must be supported by a VISTA Core or Associate Member who would become your supervisor.
  • A PhD or equivalent degree must be completed by the start date;
  • Postdoctoral Fellows who hold an external award (e.g. NSERC) at York, and who have previously held a VISTA Postdoctoral Award, are eligible to apply for a one year extension from VISTA during the final year of their award;
  • Postdoctoral candidates who are employed at York University under the category of ‘Postdoctoral Visitor’ are only eligible to apply to VISTA during their first 6 months of employment (or until the first available VISTA Postdoctoral Award application deadline, whichever comes first);
  • VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship or Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants may NOT apply to work within the same research environment (i.e. institution or supervisor) where they completed their PhD.
  • You must accept an offer with a start date:
    • April applicants: No later than December 1
    • September applicants: No later than July 1
  • You must conduct research in the vision sciences that is aligned with the VISTA program.

Program of Study Eligibility

The research should contribute to VISTA’s mandate, which is to support fundamental and applied vision research that combines biological and computational perspectives and has translational potential for health, industry, or other applications.

Job/Position Description- 

Fellowship Minimum $55,000/year + benefits for up to 24 months+ Annual research allowance $7,500+ Annual networking allowance $1,000Distinguished Fellowship Minimum $70,000/year + benefits for up to 24 months+ Annual research allowance $7,500+ Annual networking allowance $1,000

How to Apply- 

  • Apply to the VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship competition;
  • Applicants for the VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship may be considered for the Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship with the inclusion of additional documentation as outlined below;
  • Identify and confirm a VISTA Core or Associate Member as your supervisor. VISTA Associate Members are eligible as co-supervisors with a Core Member. Information regarding the cost to the supervisor can be found in the member’s area of the website.
  • VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowship Application
    • To create an application, please complete:
      • Application form
      • Voluntary Self-Identification Survey
      • One-page summary of proposed research
      • Postdoctoral Supervisor/Collaborator Form
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • Two Letters of Reference. Note that letters should come from Referees that do NOT include the proposed supervisor. The proposed supervisor may opt to submit a letter of reference in addition to the two required for the application.
  • VISTA Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Materials
    • Applicants to the Distinguished award should also include a letter of support from the Proposed Supervisor. This is in addition to the materials outlined above.
    • To view instructions, select instructions
    • Use the application checklist to ensure your package is complete
  • Email the application to [email protected]
  • Letters of Reference should be sent directly from Referee to [email protected]

Last Date for Apply–  13 September 2019

  • Application deadline:  Friday, September 13, 2019 . Applications must be submitted by the deadline to [email protected].
  • Acceptance and declines of offers: Applicants will have 21 days from the date of each offer of award to accept or decline. Replies can be sent to [email protected].
  • The status of offers not accepted or declined within the 21 days will automatically be considered Declined.

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Official Website-

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