5 Important Tips About How To Choose Where to Apply Postdoc

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5 Important Tips About How To Choose Where to Apply Postdoc

Postdoc position is very competitive and high level of academic position. And also very important carrier step of a researcher. So, it is very important to make strategy to get position comfortably and in your choice. There are lots of research lab around world related to your research area. It is difficult to choose, but we will discuss some useful points those will definitely help you. Where to Apply Postdoc

Our topic is How To Choose Where to Apply Postdoc ?

But more important is that you should mentally prepare yourself for postdoc position. You can also read article and video related with this, for finding successful postdoc position.

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Now, we will discuss some important factor, which you should consider for position where you should apply.

  1. Location – First point that you should consider your geographical preference. There can be some possible restriction or preferable choice to start your post PhD research carrier. Restriction can be like your family don’t want to live you from your current position or any other reason. In this way either you should convince yourself and related person for this.

And other is your strong preference that you want to only work in some specific geo-location. Like you only want to work European country or Canada like that. May be your preference depends on geographical reason, lab ranking based and sometimes your close contact can influence this orientation.

This is very first factor that you should think to figure out your choice for Where to Apply Postdoc .

2. Research area – Once you are sure about your geographical preference than you should think about which labs are fit on your research domain. This factor is very important to choose postdoc area. You should make list of related labs, which are more suitable to your research area, since postdoc is much related to work on specific area on what you are already expert. During PhD or during Postdoc finding period you should look on this. This may be depending on available research facility on lab/University.

This is very important to run your postdoc research smoothly, so you should think hard and make plan accordingly, what you want to do. Find your lab, which have similar research approach and this is not very difficult. You can make this list while research paper study, only you need to make lab list in somewhere like in excel table. Also keep in mind don’t try to find lab which exactly match with your research area. It is always better where you can find such lab who are working on some interesting and related area, where setup are like what you want to do in your previous or current lab.

During postdoc you can work on some area which is different than your previous expertise where you can implement your expertness to do great on that field. Because now time is to work on interdisciplinary field and learn new thing and with that your expert area improve much. 

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3. PI and lab environment – During making prior plan for postdoc preference lab, you need to consider PI and lab environment. Many ways are there to find it like you can enquire PI and lab researcher profile on google scholar kind of platform. This will be your third step, on that basis you can find your lab preference for postdoc. This is always good that your PI is well known person in related research field, but it should not necessary factor on which you should stick.

There is some benefit of well-establish PI and new PI. As well-establish PIs are less risky, because they have already maintained lab and research track. So, you should not worry about your research idea and implementation. They can be also very helpful to get new jobs after postdoc. They have also stable funding to carry out research expenses well.

On the other side new PI, they are energetic with some innovative plan. But generally they don’t have establish lab, so they also look a candidate who can help him to establish all these kind of thing. With the new PI you can think with him that how to carry your research. But it is also a risk to get a new PI. Nowadays funding agencies promotes new PI to give some good funding as early carrier to establish their research path. If you are highly motivated than you can do great with new PI also. To choose PI is totally on your choice, what you want.

4. Make list of your choice- After these all now you have a good list of your lab preference by considering your interest. You can get idea about these list from different factors based on research literature, conference contact, your friend or current faculty advice. During this also try to find many labs which are working on your interested research area.

5. Consider reputed funding – These all steps are required for directly approaching to Lab PI. But there are many reputed postdoc funding are there, where you have more chance to get selected. But you have to at least two time active for these all. Prepare with your full profile update and alert for these opportunities. You can get many such kind of funding, which also we are updating regularly. In those funding you have more chance to get postdoc positions. In these research funding, sometimes you need to find mentor, make good research proposals according to requirements, reference etc. Reputed funding will also add a very powerful line in your profile CV.

Now, you are on this stage that you have long list of these lab with their contact information like email address, website link … Next step is to narrow down that list by doing some more research on this list. Enquire their papers, visit their lab website, see what research is going on and find rank of the lab. Also consider this, most of lab are not updated regularly. According to these parameter you can little reduce or arrange your list preference by reducing it or you can colour it with different way.

Next step- Now you are more prepared for postdoc position and after these all you are ready with a good list and prepared for next step. Now you start applying to these labs according to your preference. First apply only 5-10 labs with full preparation like with good cover letter, research proposal, CV. Response of the lab head depends on many factors like

  • Their available research funding
  • Your academic and research profile
  • Their team need
  • How you approach
  • Your enthusiasm and working style
  • Your English writing and other preparation

Depends on these you will get response either positive or negative. Both positive and negative response is good sign of your chance to get postdoc position. If you are lucky, you will get positive response and start preparation just after getting positive response. If you get negative response, it means you are good and there is no problem with your profile and preparation. Negative response can be possible for less available funding and other reason but the PI is impressed with your profile. If you get such response try to be in contact with that PI with your research updates and any other mean.

And, if you are not getting good response than there is some problem with your preparation or need some improvement in your research profile. But this is also possible that your time is not good. So, don’t worry prepare well and approach some more lab and wait for the response. Always improve yourself and this is kind of flowchart. Approach – try and improve yourself. After these all no one will stop you to get a successful postdoc. Once again, consider postdoc is highly competitive, need to convince PI and also need to constantly improve yourself. Once you’re get chance for interview, there’s a pretty good probability that you’ll get an offer.

Be active and it is very important to prepare before applying these position. Once you are prepared with list your chance is definitely increase more to get postdoc position. And will help you to clear about where to Apply Postdoc.

These important steps will definitely help you to get postdoc position and clear for knowledge about where to Apply Postdoc . If you have any question regarding these all or you got help from this article, you can comment here.

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